Welcome to The MAD MEN Motorcycle Club

The Mad Men Motorcycle Club was founded by Cameron Kirby (aka Killa) and Scott Tatum (aka Dadank) in October 2010. The Club was created to bring together riders with strong values, who love to ride and socialize.

Mad Men, is a motorcycle club of bikers  located in Virginia who love to ride and socialize. We believe in family, friends and doing the best for our communities. We value Truth, Strength and Honor, we show no disrespect to our fellow bike clubs.

 The Mad Men MC is a Non-Profit Motorcycle Club. We welcome fellow riders of all races and bike types. 

The word Mad does not insinuate any forms of violence or negativity.  The word Mad is used to describe our uncontrolled excitement or emotion when it comes to our love for riding.

We represent Northern Virginia (NOVA), but have love for any place our motorcycles take us.

Contact us and become part of the Mad Men Motorcycle Club.

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